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The only constant is change - and the odd water spout.

So for the past 8 years I have been fishing Tarpon lake, built my perfect boat for the lake and enjoyed countless trips with guests and by myself, enjoying sunrise and sunsets. First cast hookups and countless casts to no avail. Tarpon lake has been amazing and every time I head out I learn something new.

Since Christmas 21/22 however there has been a new change on the lake that I haven't seen before. Weeds, lots of weeds! There was always a small amount of weed in the shallows at each end of the lake, but over the course of about 3 - 4 months after Christmas the lake was almost 50% covered in weed. This meant that the trolling motor has stayed at home and the oars have come out of retirement!

The weed grew quickly and sits on the surface creating a new 'lake edge' for the Tarpon to feed along. Strategies quickly needed to change and I had to relearn the fishing spots on the lake to avoid the encroaching weeds. I actually think the Tarpon are loving it as it gives them more places to sneak up on their prey and there is constant popping to be heard all across the lake as a Tarpon is sucking up its next meal.

Other than its now a bit of a bother getting the boat through the weed to each end of the lake, the fishing has still been amazing. In the next post I will post a video of some very special moments we have had first thing in the morning recently.

I have spoken to past fishing guides who tell stories of weed in the lake many many years ago and that to fix the problem they released turtles into the lake to eat the weed (I think these stories are a bit far fetched, but who knows). It could be a cyclic event, or we are just experiencing conditions that make it perfect for growth - as I said, I am learning something new every time I go out on the lake. The main thing is that it is still fishing as good as ever and my shoulders are getting a good workout!

Oh yeah - then out of nowhere on a dead calm day - we had a dust devil/start of a water spout appear before us on the lake - madness.

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