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The Little Cayman Experience

Little Cayman is the smallest of the 3 islands that make up the Cayman Islands. With a very small full time population the island has remained the least developed of the three islands, which allows us to enjoy some of the best diving, fishing and animal encounters. 

Unique to the Cayman Islands, Little Cayman is home to Tarpon lake which has housed a local population of Tarpon which have been there from as far back as the late 1800's. Tucked away from all sight, Tarpon Lake offers stunning sunrises, sunsets and incredible bird life encounters. Join us for a bird watching eco trips as well as the chance to catch a Tarpon as well. 

Offshore, Little Cayman Fishing Charters offers Tuna, Wahoo and Mahi Mahi* fishing trips. The fishing grounds are very close by and in 10min you will have lines in the water fishing for Black Fin or Skipjack tuna. 

* Wahoo and Mahi Mahi are seasonal and not offered year round. Weather conditions will limit our ability to fish some days. 

The Fleet

'Fleet' might be a bit of an exaggeration here, however our 2 boats are perfect little fishing boats for the location. The Millennium Tarpon was purpose built here on Little Cayman and is perfectly set up for up to 2 fly fishermen and a guide. Tuna Frenzy is perfectly set up for a group of 3 - 4 fishermen looking to take on an off shore adventure. 

The Millennium Tarpon


The Millennium Tarpon is an island built flat bottom fishing boat perfect for the shallow conditions of Tarpon Lake. Powered by a silent electric trolling motor, she is the ideal craft to fish from in the lake. 

Tuna Frenzy

28ft Aqua Sport Tournament Sport Fisher, Tuna Frenzy is well equipped to tackle all that the off shore fishery offers around Little Cayman. Very comfortable with seats, shade and full head facilities.   

Boat 1.jpg

Your Guide

Guide Image.jpg

Captain Pete (PQ)

PQ was born in New Zealand and grew up fishing rivers and lakes for Rainbow and Brown Trout. Now a Little Cayman resident, PQ has added Bone fishing and offshore fishing adventures to his resume. 

Join PQ for your next fishing adventure on Little Cayman. We offer Tarpon Lake trips, flats fishing for Bone and Permit as well as trips offshore to the Tuna grounds.


Fishing trips can be curated to your specific needs. Discuss with PQ your specific needs and we will cater a fishing adventure for you. 

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