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High Water, New Water

Exciting times! With the high water we are experiencing right now it has opened up more areas I am able to take the Millenium Tarpon. Now I can't take full credit for this however, Chris the other fishing guide on the island went on a bit of an explore the other day and it led him to a new huge bit of water that we had never fished before.

Excitedly I jumped into the boat as soon as I could and followed Chris' directions, and, after a bit of maneuvering through some dead mangrove branches, I was bought out to "second lake" for want of a better description. Large, deep and surrounded by lush green mangroves. It was also full of fish. (Side note, with the water levels so high at the moment, fishing the main lake has been pretty tricky as the Tarpon have spread themselves out pretty thin). This little backwater lake however held a ton of fish.

Of course, now I need to come up with more place names for the new fishing spots. Luckily I like doing that, so I will need to fish it a few more times to get a feel for the place and then name accordingly. We are still officially in our wet season so hopefully a few more wet days will keep the water levels high and we get to fish the new spot with guests a few more times this season.

Below are a couple of photos of the new spot and an updated lake map with the current named fishing spots. Stay tuned for the first Tarpon catch in the new water to see if this new lake is holding any giants. Fingers crossed.

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