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Tarpon Time on Little Cayman

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

A little history of Tarpon Lake and the Tarpon that are so exciting to catch.

Tarpon have been recorded in Tarpon Lake as far back as the late 1800's. Local stories tell of hurricanes washing the Tarpon into the lake, and there they have stayed and bred ever since. Catching Tarpon on the fly is one of my favorite experiences, stalking them and waiting for them to hit the fly at a thousand miles an hour - such a thrill.

Once you get hooked up, Tarpon will jump out of the water and put on quite the show for you. A strong fish, you can expect to fight your Tarpon for a good 10 - 15min before you can eventually land them safely, get that all important photo before releasing them back in the lake to fight another day.

As the lake level recedes after the summers rain, the larger Tarpon are forced into the main lake area and as you head out at first light on a dead flat lake you are rewarded with seeing the arching backs of the Tarpon ominously breach the surface like menacing sharks searching for their prey. All over the lake you hear the 'pop pop' of the fish feeding off the surface and the occasional large splash as they lunge at the small bait fish in the shallows.

Stay tuned to our blog posts as we update each week on our adventures both on the lake and offshore.


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