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Synchronized Fly Fishing

I have been spending a lot of time on Tarpon lake recently as we have had a wonderful patch of calm weather. Evenings have been especially beautiful as we are getting more and more birds coming into roost, as well as birds of prey looking for a snack.

Fishing has been hard though. The fish of a thousand casts have definitely been living up to their name. Some evenings I struggled to get even one bite. And landing a fish has been even harder. However this has made it even more rewarding when you feel that line go tight and the reel screams as a Tarpon takes your lure.

I had a special guest Chris, join me for a few trips out onto the lake. He is somewhat of a legend on this island and was the first fishing guide here that taught me how to fish for these fish, so its always a pleasure to have him join me on a fishing trip or two. Chris bought his drone with him to capture some of the action.

We weren't able to get any fish on the line to video, but we managed to capture a totally accidental magical synchronized casting video. It wasn't until we went back over the footage that we noticed how clever we were!

Even though we didn't hook up this day, just being out on the lake, away from traffic and noise, was as good as anything else. Watching your casts go exactly where you want it, enjoying nature and hanging out with a mate, couldn't ask for a better way to spend the afternoon.

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