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First Cast Action!

There is always a first time for everything - I just never thought I would see this though. 6am, gliding across a mirror flat Tarpon lake I was heading for one of my favorite spots I call Brunt's Bush with my guest Aiden, a top bloke from Ireland. Aiden was fishing with our modified spinning rig that uses a float as the weight and a length of leader where we attach the fly.

I was busy telling Aiden that I famously call these fish the "Fish of a thousand casts", due to their annoying habit of being difficult to get on the line, and all sorts of other interesting tarpon facts preparing him for the mornings action. When, before we could get to Brunt's Bush we were met with a fabulous sight. 20 or so tarpon all arching their backs out of the water, sun glistening off their scales.

Too good to pass by, I slowed the boat down and gently lowered the anchors in the water. We were right out in the middle of the lake, not a spot I would normally target but there were so many fish here I thought that it was worth a few casts.

Aiden launched the fly right into the middle of the school and boom! Hook up on the first cast - what would I know right. Pretty sure Aiden was thinking that this whole fishing caper was pretty easy. We landed that fish, a very good size for the lake and then proceeded to hook up on another 3 or 4 as we fished the ore traditional lake edge. A great morning on the water and another happy fisherman. Well done Aiden, looking forward to having you back again.

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