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Afternoon Tuna Trip

Around this time of year, as the water gets warmer and the wind moves to the south, the presence of Sargassum weed starts showing up around the island. This can be both a good and bad thing depending on what you are looking for. Ask the maintenance crews at the resorts who have to clean the beaches and they will tell you that it is definitely a bad thing. Ask the fishermen looking for a Mahi Mahi that follows these great weed patches picking off the small fish taking refuse - and its a great thing. For us on this day fishing for Black Fin Tuna - it was a proverbial pain in the neck! Clearing your lines every 5min becomes pretty boring pretty quickly.

So I decided to take my lovely customers to the calm waters along the north coast of the island where we could enjoy weed free waters and calm seas. I had not fished here very often but had seen large work ups of Tuna erupting from the ocean here a couple of days earlier so thought that it was worth an evening fish.

It turned out to be a great decision as before long we got onto a small patch of Black Fin Tuna. My guests had not caught Black Fins before and had a blast bringing on some of the biggest Black Fin Tuna I had seen. The action didn't last too long, and just as quickly as they arrived they disappeared on us. It was a great afternoon though and we didn't have to contend with seaweed or sharks (more on the sharks in another post). Another perfect way to spend an afternoon fishing on Little Cayman.

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